Blockchain Development

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    Crypto-currency & Blockchain
    Application Development Agency in Malaysia.

    Crypto-currency & Blockchain
    Application Development Agency in Malaysia.

    We are a 15 years, Mobile & Web Development Agency, now expanded into the blockchain technology. We provide Blockchain Apps development services, which extends to applications such as Crypto-currency, Ethereum Frameworks, Solidity Programming, Bitcoin Trading and others blockchain related technologies.

    Blockchain Development Services

    • Crypto-currency / Virtual Currency Creation
    • Ethereum Frameworks / Solidity Programming
    • Bitcoin / Virtual / Crypto Trading Application
    • Smart Contract Development

    We can add virtual currency as payment method to your current applications.

    Creation of virtual currency via the ERC20 Token Framework


    We have experience performing integration of Blockchain wallets, via third party wallets such as the Blockchain.com.

    Writing smart contract via the Ethereum’s Solidity Framework.


    We now accept enquiries for development services or other business opportunities.

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