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    At Fireworks, we are more than just mobile app developers in Malaysia. We provide clients with solutions on all aspects of their projects, ranging from design to full maintenance. Established in the year 2003, Fireworks is an award-winning Digital Innovation and Digital Marketing firm that specializes in mobility and internet based business solutions.

    Our technology empower countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam & Indonesia – we strive to empower Asia with our digital technologies and tech ventures. Currently serves top-notch clientele such as Mead Johnson, Sinchew, Setia, Amway, Prudential BSN and Myanmar’s Ministry of Information.

    Also, We constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in order to suit your needs and transform your ideas into Digital or Mobile Applications.


    Why Choose Us?

    • Over 100 Digital Advertising & Marketing Campaigns
    • 10 Years of Branding & Communications Experience
    • Pioneer and Leader Smart Mobile Solutions
    • 10 Years of Web Solutions Experience
    • Developed Over 50 Mobile Apps
    • Over 500 Standard Web Design & Solutions

    Our Services

    • Web & Mobile Software Development
    • Branding & Communications
    • Loyalty Solutions & CRM
    • Digital News & Publishing Solutions
    • E-Commerce & M-Commerce
    • Proximity Marketing
    • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

    You Win The Market, We Win The Awards

    Over the years, we have intensively researched and worked with various brands, allowing us to understand and provide solutions that elevate your company to greater heights. We focus on all aspects of mobile application development such has UI/UX design, technological implication as well as the overall business model setup.

    Mobile App Development Solutions



    Augmented Reality Development

    A whole new level of engagement with information and things

    Augmented Reality Development - Mobile App Development




    MobiMax VIP / Digital Publishing

    The Innovative All-in-One Digital Publishing Platform

    MobiMax VIP / Digital Publishing - Mobile App Development




    Mobile Loyalty System, Rewards & Wallet Solutions

    Complete Mobile Loyalty System With Mobile Wallet and Mobile Based Redemption Module

    Mobile Loyalty System, Rewards and Wallet Solutions - Mobile App Development




    New Retail Technology

    Whole new tools specifically developed to enhance your retail business.

    New Retail Technology - Mobile App Development




    Mobile Proximity Marketing

    Mobile Broadcast Marketing Strategy

    Mobile Proximity Marketing - Mobile App Development




    Parking Management System

    Secured Points & Payment Transfer

    Parking Management System - Mobile App Development



    The Solutions

    The Solution

    Technologies equipped with customization to suits your retail business

    Technologies equipped with customization to suits your retail business


    Membership & Points System

    Smart Customer Membership

    Membership and Points System - Mobile App Development




    Rewards, Merchant & Redemption Module

    Increase Customer Loyalty

    Rewards, Merchant and Redemption Module - Mobile App Development




    Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

    Engagement and interaction between users and retailers

    Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt - Mobile App Development




    Augmented Reality Product Information & Offering

    Alters digital elements into reality

    Augmented Reality Product Information and Offering - Mobile App Development




    Proximity Marketing

    Communicate your users instantly everywhere

    Proximity Marketing - Mobile App Development




    Events & Ticketing

    Convenient and secure platform within application

    Events and Ticketing - Mobile App Development




    Mall Loyalty Reward

    Instant reward platform suitable for all size of malls

    Mall Loyalty Reward - Mobile App Development




    News & Promotions

    Convenient engagement with instant updates news & promotion

    News and Promotions - Mobile App Development




    Secured Mobile Based Redemption

    We ensure bulletproof platform for retailers with various of security in database and payment gateway

    Secured Mobile Based Redemption - Mobile App Development





    Powerful Communications & Administration

    Hassle-free communication to users

    Powerful Communications and Administration - Mobile App Development





    From product listing to payment gateway are ready in the platform

    E-Commerce - Mobile App Development




    Powerful Back End & Intelligence

    Hassle-free analysis and communication within the platform

    Powerful Back End and Intelligence - Mobile App Development



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