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    Fireworks Loyalty : A Mobile-Based Modern Loyalty & Reward Software,
    through the power of Mobility
    Mobile Loyalty System

    Fireworks Loyalty : A Mobile Based Modern, Loyalty & Reward Software, through the power of Mobility

    Fireworks gives you everything you need to run your own digital loyalty and marketing program. It connects you to customers through their mobile phones to draw them back to your business with special offers and rewards they’ll love.

    As a CRM Consultant & Member’s Engagement Software Developer, we have a vast experience in building CRMs & Marketing Campaigns that works for many years.

    We Provide 360 Degrees Services, ranging from CRM Consultancy, Study, Proposal, Development and Management the Program.
    We also provide Digital & Creative Agency Services to assist you to built a bespoke Membership Loyalty System.

    We are different from traditional CRMs, as we are built from the perspective of service a Mobile Generation.

    It is suitable for Single & Multi-Brands. It can connect to your existing softwares.

    We are sure that our CRM Technology & Digital Marketing Services will help your business prosper.

    New Generation Marketing Tools

    • Membership & Points System
    • Virtual Cards, QR Code & Bar Code
    • Rewards & Merchant Module
    • Redemption Module
    • E-Commerce & E-Payment
    • Geo-Fencing & iBeacon
    • Online to Offline / O2O Payment
    • Integrates with Third Party POS
    • SDK & API to Connect to your existing system
    • Available on Web, Mobile Apps & Tablets
    • Communications : Email, Push & SMS
    • Ready & Customizable Business Intelligence
    • CRM Consultancy & R&D Services : CRM Consultants, Digital Marketing Experts & Design Team at your service.


    A Feature Rich, Integrated Software


    Membership & Points System

    Customer profiling in database

    Membership and Points System - Mobile Loyalty System




    Rewards, Merchant & Redemption Module

    Encourage repurchase and retain users

    Rewards, Merchant and Redemption Module - Mobile Loyalty System




    Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

    Engagement and interaction between users and retailers

    Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt - Mobile Loyalty System




    Augmented Reality Product Information & Offering

    Alters digital elements into reality

    Augmented Reality Product Information & Offering - Mobile Loyalty System




    Proximity Marketing

    Communicate your users instantly everywhere

    Proximity Marketing - Mobile Loyalty System




    Events & Ticketing

    Convenient and secure platform within application

    Events and Ticketing - Mobile Loyalty System




    Mall Loyalty Reward

    Instant reward platform suitable for all size of malls

    Mall Loyalty Reward - Mobile Loyalty System




    News & Promotions

    Convenient engagement with instant updates news & promotion

    News and Promotions - Mobile Loyalty System




    Secured Mobile Based Redemption

    We ensure bulletproof platform for retailers with various of security in database and payment gateway

    Secured Mobile Based Redemption - Mobile Loyalty System




    Powerful Communications & Administration

    Hassle-free communication to users

    Powerful Communications and Administration - Mobile Loyalty System





    From product listing to payment gateway are ready in the platform

    E-Commerce - Mobile Loyalty System




    Powerful Back End & Intelligence

    Hassle-free analysis and communication within the platform

    Powerful Back End and Intelligence - Mobile Loyalty System




    Unified Loyalty

    One Membership to allow your customers to earn and use point across all verticals of businesses

    Unified Loyalty - Mobile Loyalty System




    Yes to Partnership

    Fireworks Loyalty allows you to Extend your Loyalty Ecosystem to other Businesses and Services

    Yes to Partnership - Mobile Loyalty System




    Collaborative Loyalty

    Using our powerful APIs, other technology are able to integrate into our Loyalty System

    Collaborative Loyalty - Mobile Loyalty System





    Easy for Members

    Our system is designed so that technology is not a barrier for members to enjoy your Loyalty ecosystem. Customer can use Loyalty Cards, Virtual Card or even just their phone number

    Easy for Members - Mobile Loyalty System




    Easy for Businesses

    No technology barrier or expensive hardwares to run the loyalty system

    Easy for Businesses - Mobile Loyalty System




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