Augmented Reality Development

    Introducing The Greatest Interactive On Shopping Experience Thru
    The Augmented Reality Technology

    Augmented Reality Development

    Our Augmented Reality Development changes the way we view businesses. Augmented Reality, on either your Android or IOS devices creates brand new ways to interact, both with people and the world around us.

    It manipulates how digital elements appear in physical environments, enabling a whole new level of engagement with information and surrounding events such as Remote Collaboration, Training & Education, Showcasing Products, Tour & Maps and more.

    The Solution

    The Solution

    Image Recognition

    Recognized both Offline & Online with various different images


    Combined Fireworks Game Engine, Membership & Reward Modules

    See Beyond Reality

    Impressive Experience No Matter Where You Go!

    Recognize & Track Objects

    Build Augmented Reality Experiences Using Real Life Objects

    Plan & Design

    Suitable Disposition Store, Planning Architectural Project or Product Demonstration

    Enable AR for IOT

    Allow monitor performance, visualize data and optimize operation

    Geo Based Services

    Allow design & layout of Geospatial Augmentation

    On Site Navigation

    Empower users to navigate within location

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