Top 10 Reasons to Choose Fireworks to launch your Successful Loyalty Programs & Marketing Tech

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Fireworks to launch your Successful Loyalty Programs & Marketing Tech: 

  1. Ready Technology: Field Tested and Fast to Launch
    • Our Technology are Ready Made, thus Fast to Launch.
    • We have most of the technology your brand need for Increase Revenue, Retain and Excite Customers.
  2. Wide Range of Marketing Focus Technologies
    • Loyalty Program Doesn’t Work – Alone.
    • Consumer now a days have more choices and therefore a marketing mix is needed.
    • From our arsenal of marketing weapons :  Loyalty Points, Reward Program, Games, Contest Engine, Privilege Program, E-Commerce, OnBoarding Campaigns, Spend & Win Campaigns, Smart QR Tech, Proximity Campaigns, Digital Vouchers, Augmented Reality, Referral Program and more.
  3.  Tailor Made Experience : One Size Doesn’t Fits All
    • We Believe the Best Solution is the ones that’s designed to work.
    • Since we own most of the technology, we are able to customise the solution to your specific needs.
    • We usually craft specific solutions for our clienteles.
  4. We focus on User Experience
    • Many solution providers out there just give you the technology without thinking of the user experience.
    • Fireworks, being a Digital Marketing Agency as well, we understand the importance of UX ( User Experience )
    • Our Solutions are first designed together with our clients, with UX in its core.
  5. We walked the Talk
    • We have about 15 years of experience in terms on Digital Marketing and Digitization Process.
    • Our consultants are well verse in both marketing & technology, which is the core knowledge to launch a successful marketing campaign in this digital driven society.
  6. We specialises in High Impact, Large Scale Projects
    • There are many Loyalty Program Agency out there, and then there is Fireworks.
    • We focuses on creating Top Notch Bespoke Loyalty Programs for Successful Brands.
    • Our clients are usually consumer brands with high expectations and require the best digital agency.
  7. Rock Solid Company, Since 2003
    • We’ve been around the block. And we are here to stay.
    • We have 15 years of Experience in Digital Marketing & Software Development
  8. Technology company with Digital Marketing Expertise
    • There are Marketing Agencies and there are Tech Implementors. We excel in Both.
    • Professional Standard Design and Digital Marketing Team
    • Expert in integrating Technology, Marketing & Communications.
    • Agency with Digital Marketing Expertise
  9. Our Technology are Open to Talk with other Technologies
    • Many loyalty programs out there lock you within its own silo.
    • Fireworks Loyalty, our software are fully own by us. Our philosophy is to connect to as many partner technology out there.
    • We have API & SDKS for Third party solution to integrate with us.
  10. Personalised & Quality Service
    • Local support worldwide, HQ Support in Malaysia
    • Personalised Services
    • Focus on long term partnership