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Crypto-currency & Blockchain
Application Development Agency in Malaysia.

Crypto-currency & Blockchain
Application Development Agency in Malaysia.

We are a 15 years, Mobile & Web Development Agency, now expanded into the blockchain technology. We provide Blockchain Apps development services, which extends to applications such as Crypto-currency, Ethereum Frameworks, Solidity Programming, Bitcoin Trading and others blockchain related technologies.

Blockchain Development Services

  • Crypto-currency / Virtual Currency Creation
  • Ethereum Frameworks / Solidity Programming
  • Bitcoin / Virtual / Crypto Trading Application
  • Smart Contract Development
Blockchain Development Services - Blockchain

Virtual Currency Payment - Blockchain

We can add virtual currency as payment method to your current applications.
Virtual Currency - Blockchain

Creation of virtual currency via the ERC20 Token Framework
Blockchain Wallets Integration - Blockchain

We have experience performing integration of Blockchain wallets, via third party wallets such as the
Smart Contract - Blockchain

Writing smart contract via the Ethereum’s Solidity Framework.

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