Parking Management


    New Generation Parking Payment and Enforcement Solution

    Comprehensive Parking App, the hassle free solution.

    Our Parking Management system are particularly designed for parking operator to deal with inconveniences and challenges when operating a car park. We focus on few major inconveniences and provide less hassle in cash collection and machine maintenance, reduce capital expenditure on equipment, eventually increase revenue growth in the long term for parking operator.

    What Fireworks Parking Management System can do for your business?

    For parking users we solve the problem attempting to find an Autopay machine and time constraint. Overall, we see time as money. If we can save people time, we are actually saving people money.

    The Solution

    How it works and why is it the next thing?

    Convenient Access

    Applicable to all iOS and Android devices

    Safety Features

    Access to alert of nearby enforcer

    Intelligent Alert System

    Reminder of parking time in any duration

    Family Account Sharing

    Primary account can be share among family members

    Next Steps
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